Empire State Paint Horse Club


We are in the final years of our Empire State Paint Horse Club's Stallion Service Auction (SSA) - there will be no auction in 2015, however we will continue the program until it's end in 2017.  2015 we will offer Weanlings, Yearlings and Two Year Old classes - 2016 will offer Yearlings and Two Year Old classes and in 2017 our final year - Two Year Old class only.  

We'd like to thank Sandy & Ken Cobb for their tireless efforts in keeping this program running for so many years.

Stay tuned for more information and available forms for signing up your eligible entry.

For more information:  Ken and Sandy Cobb (607) 647-9208 or  email: khcobb@frontiernet.net

(2015 WEANLING eligible stallion offspring)

the resulting foals from this list will be eligible to show in 2016 as Yearlings and in 2017 in 

2 Year Old Classes

A Legend At Last AQHA ….. SSA Fee $475

Awesome Andy APHA SSA Fee $525

Bk Zippin in Style APHA SSA Fee $325 - SOLD

CR Good Machine APHA SSA Fee $700

Conclusive Mister APHA SSA Fee $375

Dominantly Bold APHA SSA Fee $250

Double Hitter APHA SSA Fee $425

Exclusively A Mister APHA SSA Fee $200

Hesa Cool Hotrod APHA/AQHA SSA Fee $363

HBF Iron Man APHA SSA Fee $413

I Prefer Chocolate APHA SSA Fee $250

Invite the Artist APHA SSA Fee $363

Kid Easy Bar APHA SSA Fee $375

Lil More Conclusive APHA SSA Fee $375

McKenzies Gallant Jet APHA SSA Fee $375

Mr Gold Attraction AQHA SSA Fee $250

My Convoys Squeakin AQHA SSA Fee $250

Only Krysmun APHA/AQHA SSA Fee $500

Please My Weapon APHA SSA Fee $300

Rap By Mister APHA SSA Fee $300

Rockin N Dirty APHA SSA Fee $200

RR So Far Dandy AQHA SSA Fee $250

Sierras All The Gold APHA SSA Fee $225

Sonnys Amigo Bar APHA SSA Fee $375

Special Invitation APHA SSA Fee $600

The Gentlemens Club APHA/AQHA SSA Fee $475

Three Deuces APHA SSA Fee $500

Tinstars Native Stone APHA SSA Fee $200

Toranodo APHA SSA Fee $250 - SOLD

Troubles A Brewing APHA SSA Fee $200

You Don’t Know Jack Zip APHA SSA Fee $250

Zipped Cash AQHA SSA Fee $300

Zips Heaven Sent APHA SSA FEE $250